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Bamboo structures can play a major and critical role in providing for various building-applications required in the typical urban context.

Building-needs like terrace-top extensions and additions, green-house, Gazebo's, parking-units, semi-open cafeteria's so-on and so-forth.

Classifying a structure as environmentally friendly would include theuse of materials that do not have a detrimental effect on the global environment and that are renewable in a short period of time. Bamboo construction falls into the category of being environmentally friendly as the plants are extremely fast growing in comparison to trees.

Bamboos have a high leaf surface area that makes it very efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generating oxygen in its place. Being such an extremely fast growing grass means that harvesting takes place every 3-5 years as opposed to more than 25 years for softwoods and over 50 years for many hardwoods to mature.

Increasing concern over our environment and movement to using more renewable resources has led to an increased popularity in more naturally constructed buildings that fit, or blend, in with the environment in an aesthetically appealing way.

This bamboo material is so aesthetically pleasing that it can be used in interior design and furnishings, yet it is also so strong it can be used for an integral construction material.

The tensile strength of bamboos is 28,000 per sq inch in comparison to 23,000 per sq inch for the more traditional western material of steel.

The strength, beauty, and sustainability, of these construction products has led to higher levels of appreciation in their versatility when applied to the structural design of modern day construction projects around the world.

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