Patio Garden Accessories FRP 004

Garden sleepers, or railway sleepers as they're also known, are large, heavy pieces of timber. They're frequently used in landscaping projects and home gardens as accessories, including traditional, country and contemporary garden designs. There are a variety of effective ways in which garden sleepers can be used and incorporated into modern gardens today.

Glow Pots For Garden Design

    Deep enough to hold large plants and flower groupings, the lightweight-resistant pot can also be used indoors as portable accent lighting in lobbies and restaurants. When lit, only the color of the pot and light are visible, not potting material.

    Its cleverly designed dimensions make FIREFLY ILLUMINATED POT suitable not only for flowers and plants indoors as well as outdoors. But also for use at (garden)-parties, filled with ice to chill champagne or other mixed drink, for example. Of course FIREFLY ILLUMINATED POT is also a perfect holder for your Christmas tree.

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Garden Accessories Wall Claddings

Recreated Wood / Stone is made from a blend of pulverized sandstone and polymer. Available in solids and skin finish, this is an ideal material outdoor Cladding, Architectural facades and , they came in various colors and finish .